There Is No Such Thing As Late Term Abortion.

Ok, I need my conservative friends to listen up, because it really hurts my heart what these lies are doing to innocent women. I have heard so many stories, and every one is heartbreaking, and you are making it worse.


I promise. There isn’t. it is a lie. So please stop believing this garbage….

What Trump was raving about in one of his latest steroid induced lunatic tweets are late term induced labors that occur when a baby has died, or is going to very soon. Living, healthy babies are not being aborted. It is illegal in every state.

What Republicans are lying to you about is that no one would ever CHOOSE for this to happen. These are wanted babies, who have been carried and planned for most of a full term pregnancy. Time is getting close, and anticipation builds as it does for pregnant women.

And then tragedy happens. Something happens to the baby or the mother, and suddenly everything has changed. If the baby has already died, it is important to induce labor as soon as possible for the health and future childbearing ability of the woman.

Today, this is what is done. But, in the future, Republicans want this to stop. They want to make it illegal to induce labor in these babies, and force the woman wait for them to be born naturally. Even if they become putrid and infect the mother, they can’t be removed. What kind of pro-life is that?

If the baby is not going to live because of birth defects, why force the mother to continue to let the infant get larger and more difficult to birth?

Just how much pain and suffering must a woman endure before she and her doctor are allowed to make a heartbreaking decision? How much interference in those decisions does she have to bear?

A lot, if you listen to Republican lawmakers. They want every miscarriage to be investigated to make sure it wasn’t something the mother wanted. They want every tragedy scrutinized, prolonging the parents’ grief.

No other medical decision is as difficult to make for parents and for doctors. But in a misguided attempt to be “pro-life,” (mostly) male lawmakers are trying to put alarming restrictions on a woman’s right to choose.

And though, as in usual cases of abortion the woman carries the bulk of the physical consequences and the males have the the lighter physical burden, these cases are hurting fathers in their grief as well.

These are not Christian actions. These are tragedies being used for political gain. It is disgusting. Don’t do it. Just don’t.

Once more for everyone in the back.


Pass it on.


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